Clean Energy Emission Reduction (CLEER) Tool

The USAID Clean Energy Emission Reduction (CLEER) Tool provides methodologies and calculations for estimating greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions reduced or avoided from a variety of clean energy activities. The CLEER tool is particularly useful for methodologies under the Clean Energy Pillar of the Global Climate Change Initiative.

Region: Global
Sectors and Topics: Energy Efficiency
Scale: Sub-national, Project-Level
Expertise Level: Practitioner
Resource Type: Analysis Tools
Cost: No
Guidance: CLEER Tool Quick Start Guide available online at: CLEER Calculator User Guide available online at:
Inputs Needed: Electricity generated Energy saved Type of fuel offset Electric capacity installed Type and quantity of renewable energy technology or energy efficient units deployed Country Latitude/longitude
Outputs Provided: Energy generated Energy saved GHGs Reduced or Avoided per Year
Languages: English
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