The Restoration Policy Accelerator

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World Resources Institute (WRI)

To reach their ambitious national goals, governments are designing policies that help people to restore land and keep it healthy, but these programs sometimes run into roadblocks when officials are planning, financing and implementing them. Government leaders need technical assistance to better design new policies and adapt existing ones to maximize their impact and minimize costs.

To close that gap, WRI designed the Restoration Policy Accelerator, a collaborative network that helps government leaders solve these key problems and push each other toward success. By building south-south networks of mutual support and promoting smart policies, the Policy Accelerator hopes to help governments boost restoration implementation on the ground and continue to lead in the global movement to restore landscapes.

The program walks governments leaders through a seven-step process of effective policy reform to:

1. Identify the overarching policy problem.
2. Learn from the experiences of other countries in designing and implementing programs.
3. Invite government officials and mentors to co-create solutions.
4. Identify potential solutions in collaboration with participants from peer countries.
5. Discuss the new vision with other ministries and incorporate feedback.
6. Prioritize and implement.
7. Measure results and adaptively manage.

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