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World Resources Institute (WRI)

From country to city-level emissions, measuring adaptation vs. mitigation, tracking climate finance from the public and private sectors, understanding global climate goals and the action needed to meet them requires a wealth of information. Data exists for many aspects of climate change, but with hundreds of platforms and countless datasets, it can be difficult to distinguish the best information for a particular need, or to find where data gaps exist.

Potential use cases include:

- Climate data analysts can find the most relevant platform for their specific topic and the level at which they work.
- Funders and data creators can pinpoint data gaps, check if there are existing platforms on a subject to avoid redundancy of new work, or leverage synergies by building on existing work.
- City planners can find data on peer cities’ emissions and climate actions, as well as how those actions might relate to national-level targets.
- Decision makers looking for specific data on policy, finance or other topics can find relevant data for various scales, comparing policy or investment from various cities, countries or regions.

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