Guide to Including Nature in Nationally Determined Contributions

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Nature-based Solutions and Ecosystem Services
Forestry and Other Land Use
Oceans and Coasts
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Conservation International
Environmental Defense Fund (EDF)
Land Use and Climate Knowledge Initiative (LUCKI)
National Wildlife Federation (NWF)
The Nature Conservancy

This guide is meant to serve as a tool for decision makers at the national level as they consider nature as a part of their NDC. The checklist lists all key factors to take into account when reworking nature into NDCs. The national case studies are short descriptions of country experiences to highlight natural climate solutions in country NDCs. The recommendations are specific nature elements for countries to potentially incorporate in their climate actions and conclude with additional resources and methodologies to consider when revising NDCs to include natural climate solutions. The guide is meant to provide options to build from and enhance the NDC that is consistent with UNFCCC guidance and categories for activities. As the guide provides options for countries it also provides critical background information on why nature should be more incorporated into NDCs.

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