Climate Change, Agriculture and Food Security (CCAFS) Mitigation Option Tool

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Expertise Level
Resource Type
Analysis Tools
Inputs Needed
Current local climate
soil characteristics
farming practices
Outputs Provided
Systems current emissions
Options for reducing emissions
Developer or Source
LEDS Global Partnership

The CCAFS Mitigation Option Tool (CCAFS-MOT) estimates greenhouse gas emissions from various crops (e.g. barley, maize, sugarcane), crop groups (e.g. vegetables, legumes) and livestock production in different regions. CCAFS-MOT is distinct because it: (1)Ranks the most effective mitigation options for 34 different crops according to their mitigation potential, and in relation to current management practices and climate and soil characteristics; (2) Has low input data requirements, it only takes approximately 5 minutes to input data; (3) Runs in Excel; and (4) Is freely downloadable from the CCAFS website.

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