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The Knowledge Support Program (KBSP) as a online course brings together tools, processes and case studies which can help knowledge brokers mainstream climate change and future uncertainty into their program. By integrating climate change and future uncertainty, knowledge brokers can increase the likelihood of the long-term success of their programs. The KBSP toolbox is useful for NGOs, government and private sector individuals who are involved in supporting decision-making at the community level.

The course is designed for a broad audience. If you are a decision maker, development practitioner, government official, student or anyone who is interested in climate change adaptation and systems thinking this course is designed for you. Prior knowledge on the topic will be a plus but is not required. There are 5 foundational modules: (i) knowledge brokering, (ii) knowledge brokers as change agents, (iii) systems thinking, (iv) monitoring evaluation and learning (MEL), (v) climate information. There are also 8 tool modules focused on supporting project design, decision-making and learning, namely: (i) Climate adaptation Pathways (aka CAPSI), (ii) Causal Loop Analysis, (iii) Water Risk, (iv) Value Chain Mapping and Analysis, (v) Participatory MEL, (vi) theory of Change, (vii) Governance Mapping, (viii) Well-being Impact Model (aka ADWIM).

The full course with all videos, case studies, plus learning material can be accessed through a free registration on the Learn with ACFID

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