Youth Engagement 2

Youth Engagement

Young People Are Positive Agents of Change 

Young people have a critical role to play as leaders and positive agents for urgent climate action - developing innovations and solutions through entrepreneurship, contributing to government initiatives and research efforts, and practicing sustainable living as models for society and communities. Despite this, they still face many challenges to be included in decision-making and be supported with the resources and capacity to meaningfully engage in climate action. 

Supporting ambitious climate and sustainable development agendas requires including youth as a key stakeholder and partner, a goal shared by NDC Partnership members. The Youth Engagement Plan (YEP) offers a framework for actions to meaningfully engage young people in their country or institutional context and collaborate across the Partnership to strengthen youth engagement in NDC action.  

With our country members, the Partnership supports a country-driven process to advance youth engagement in NDC implementation, utilizing the key action areas developed within the YEP:  

  • Design youth-inclusive NDC processes at the country level 
  • Support the development of youth-led NDC implementation projects 
  • Strengthen climate change capacity building for young people 
  • Encourage youth participation in global NDC Partnership activities 

Through our knowledge and learning work, the Partnership works to provide access to youth-related knowledge, tools, and resources on our Knowledge Portal. The Partnership also shares youth-engagement resources through knowledge products, Partnership briefings, and peer exchanges such as the annual Youth Engagement Forum (YEF). Learn more about the third annual 2023  Youth Engagement Forum here. 

Read the below knowledge products to learn more about the Partnership’s youth engagement support to members: