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New Toolkit Launched to Support Article 6 Readiness

The NDC Partnership and Perspectives Climate Research have launched a new toolkit to help countries understand and advance their readiness for Article 6, the voluntary international carbon market mechanism of the Paris Agreement. The Article 6 Readiness Toolkit is designed for countries and partners to enhance their understanding of Article 6 readiness and identify priorities for implementation at the country level. Importantly, the Toolkit also enables countries to understand the interlinkages between Article 6 objectives and other critical areas of NDC implementation such as Monitoring, Reporting and Verification (MRV) systems. 

Engaging in Article 6 will enable countries to attract investment for high-cost mitigation actions, facilitate technology transfer and build capacity while meeting their NDC mitigation targets. Initially, 10 parties to the Paris Agreement mentioned Article 6 in their first (or revised first) NDC submissions. Now, 135 Parties mention Article 6 in a previous or updated NDC, according to Climate Watch. To date, nearly 40 NDC Partnership member developing countries have submitted requests for support related to carbon markets and taxes, and this number is expected to grow as demand for Article 6 readiness and implementation-related support increases.  

The launch of the Article 6 Readiness Toolkit marks the continuation of efforts by the NDC Partnership to advance collective knowledge of this complex and technical topic, while effectively mobilizing greater partner support. Notably, the Article 6 Readiness Framework developed by the NDC Partnership and Perspectives Climate Research provides the analytical underpinning for the new Toolkit. Launched at COP28, the conceptual framework presents a common terminology for key concepts and terms, outlining the critical building blocks with which countries need to engage in and benefit from Article 6. 

Article 6 Building Blocks

Figure 1. Building Blocks of Article 6 Readiness

Member country experiences have been vital for shaping the Article 6 Readiness Toolkit. Over the past year, the NDC Partnership organized numerous events to enhance collective understanding and identify knowledge gaps on Article 6. 

In 2023, the NDC Partnership Support Unit and Perspectives Climate Group, along with implementing and development partners, brought together 40 technical experts to gather feedback on the Article 6 Readiness Framework and enhance partner coordination. Discussions focused on analyzing country support needs, identifying knowledge gaps and challenges, and exploring strategies to align partner support with country requests for Article 6 readiness and implementation assistance. 

Africa Climate Week

Working alongside country members, the NDC Partnership arranged various side events during the UNFCCC Regional Climate Weeks. In addition, a Regional Peer-to-Peer exchange on Advancing Article 6 Implementation in North and Sub-Saharan Francophone Africa was held in Benin. Supported by Climate Action Africa, the exchange was organized by the NDC Partnership, West African Alliance on Carbon Markets and Climate Finance, the Regional Climate Centre for West and Central Africa, and Perspectives Climate Research. Conducted in French, the workshop brought together 50 participants from 15 countries to share insights on Article 6 implementation strategies. These discussions directly shaped the Toolkit, particularly the User Case Examples illustrating various entry points for Article 6 readiness. 

What’s Next for the Toolkit?  

Following its launch, the NDC Partnership aims to pilot the use of the Toolkit in a handful of member countries, with additional translations forthcoming. Working with countries and partners, the NDC Partnership Support Unit will continue to follow regulatory developments and finalization of rules, which are expected to evolve continuously in the coming years. Fortunately for users, the flexible and adaptable format of the Toolkit is designed to remain relevant for countries, even as the negotiations of several Article 6 implementation elements by Parties is ongoing.  

If you are interested in staying up to date on the Partnership’s work related to Article 6, please contact supportunit@ndcpartnership.org Those interested in learning more about Article 6 and how the Toolkit can advance Article 6 readiness at the country level are encouraged to join the Article 6 Readiness Toolkit Launch Webinar on 9 April from 8:30AM -10:00AM ET / 2:30PM – 4:00PM CEST. During the event, the Toolkit developers will provide an overview of the Article 6 Readiness Framework and Toolkit and answer questions. Interpretation in both Spanish and French will be provided. Learn more and register for the event here

Cover photo by Oscar Cablao - Hi Impact