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First-of-Its-Kind NDC 3.0 Navigator Tool Launched with Backing from Top Experts and UN Officials

From Left: UNFCCC secretariat Mitigation Division Director James Grabert, NDC Partnership Knowledge and Learning Director Amanda McKee, UNDP Assistant Administrator and Director Marcos Neto, NDC Partnership Senior Country Engagement Specialist Mónica Echegoyen, UN Climate Change Executive Secretary Simon Stiell 

On 11 June, at the 60th session of the UNFCCC Subsidiary Bodies in Bonn, Germany, the NDC Partnership and the UNFCCC secretariat launched the NDC 3.0 Navigator alongside the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and World Resources Institute (WRI), with support from over 30 other partners. 

An interactive tool designed to support countries in raising NDC ambition and accelerating the implementation of the next round of NDCs, the NDC 3.0 Navigator brings together expert-created strategies and resources and country insights to form the single-most robust tool designed to support countries in updating their NDCs through the Paris Agreement ambition cycles.  

Opening the launch event, UN Climate Change Executive Secretary Simon Stiell underscored that developing and implementing strong NDCs 3.0 can promote national transformation.  

“Nationally Determined Contributions can and must serve as powerful blueprints to propel countries' economies and societies forward, with more jobs, more gender equality, access to secure and affordable clean energy, less pollution, better human health and higher living standards,” said Executive Secretary Stiell. “The NDC 3.0 Navigator can help connect Parties to information, other tools and contacts that could help them develop new Nationally Determined Contributions with a focus on real implementation."

UNFCCC Executive Secretary Simon Steill

UN Climate Change Executive Secretary Simon Stiell speaking at the NDC 3.0 Navigator launch event

Informed by the experiences of more than 100 developing countries and with technical input from international institutions, non-state actors and sectoral experts, representing the broad membership of the Partnership, the NDC 3.0 Navigator addresses the urgent need to support countries in preparing ambitious NDCs 3.0 that are implementable and expand climate financing options. “This is the task before us. We don’t have a lot of time,” said UN Special Adviser to the Secretary-General Selwin Hart at the launch event. “It will require coordination and collaboration at a scale we have not done before.” 

Selwin Hart

UN Special Adviser to the Secretary-General Selwin Hart

Through seven “Routes to Ambitious and Implementable NDCs,” the NDC 3.0 Navigator helps developing countries prepare ambitious NDCs 3.0 that build on their previous experience and align with national climate and development priorities. 

“Our commitment is to help raise the profile of country needs and align corresponding support,” said NDC Partnership Global Director Pablo Vieira at the launch. “The Navigator reflects the most comprehensive summary of opportunities available to countries to increase their mitigation and adaptation ambition in ways that are aligned to their specific contexts and are just and equitable.” 

With easy-to-access information sources, case studies and links to in-depth guidance, the NDC 3.0 Navigator also equips countries to develop NDCs 3.0 that reflect the latest science and GST outcomes, offering Routes toward aligning with the Paris Agreement temperature goal and the Global Goal on Adaptation and delivering a just and equitable transition.  

“All the things we have learned in the last 10 years since the Paris Agreement about how to implement — what are the barriers, what are the difficulties in delivering robust NDCs — has been incorporated into the Navigator,” said WRI President and CEO Ani Dasgupta.  

As countries and partners gain experience in the current NDC ambition cycle, the Navigator will evolve to reflect the latest knowledge. “As we go into the field and work with countries in designing NDCs, the good experiences and lessons from our support will feed back to the Navigator, creating a living feedback loop between the work we’re doing and the Navigator,” said UNDP Assistant Administrator and Director Marcos Neto.

Marcos Neto

UNDP Assistant Administrator and Director Marcos Neto

Between now and 2025, the NDC 3.0 Navigator will be a critical source for clear and integrated sectoral and technical guidance for countries, backed by expertise and dedicated resources available through the NDC Partnership’s current NDC 3.0 support offering, the Global Call for NDCs 3.0 & LT-LEDS. By using the Navigator, countries identify support needs and submit high-quality and comprehensive requests to the NDC Partnership. 

The NDC 3.0 Navigator launch event brought together nearly 200 stakeholders. Watch the full launch event here. You can also explore the NDC 3.0 Navigator or contribute content.