Paving the way for success: a comprehensive participatory process for NDC implementation in Peru

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In Peru, a multi-sectoral working group has been established as a key part of the country’s model to implement the Nationally Determined Contribution (NDC). The NDC Multi-Sectoral Working Group (GTM-NDC, for its acronym in Spanish: Grupo de Trabajo Multisectorial) was officially formed early 2017and consists of 13 ministries and the National Centre of Strategic Planning (CEPLAN). Its main goal is to prepare the NDC Implementation Road Map, following a multi-sectoral and multi-stakeholder process.

In order to advance the development of sectoral implementation roadmaps, a team of dedicated specialists provided by the Ministry of Environment (MINAM for its acronym in Spanish: Ministerio del Ambiente) through the support of international cooperation worked directly in the offices of key sectoral entities. This task force has been in charge of providing technical assistance for the elaboration of the roadmaps, taking in consideration the development strategy of each sector. The Road Maps are composed by the description of mitigation and adaptation measures, which were identified to achieve the NDC, and include information on how to implement them (scope, potential emissionreductions, MRV, enabling conditions, stakeholders and economic evaluation, among other topics).

The documents containing the sectoral NDC implementation roadmaps form the basis for the final report of the GTM-NDC. This effort is being complemented by a multilevel state and non-state actor involvement process called „Dialoguemos NDC“ (“Lets talk about NDC” in Spanish), a participatoryprocess involving key stakeholders in each sector and through all levels that provide comments and
feedback for each mitigation or adaptation measure. It is expected that the process contributes to the sectoral and stakeholder buy-in of the measures, and building on this buy-in, to a successful implementation of Peru’s NDC.

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Aida Figari and Julieta Lahud Vega (Libélula)

Dr. Jorge Calvimontes, specialist of the GTM-NDC Process, Directorate-General for Climate Change and Desertification, Ministry of Environment, Peru

Dialogue on Nationally Determined Contributions:

Workshop on progress in economic assessments and enabling conditions of the NDC adaptation measures:

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