CFA Nigeria: Climate Finance Mapping Project

Sub-Saharan Africa
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The Nigeria Climate Finance Landscape Mapping project is a follow-up to the UK/Nigeria Climate Finance Accelerator (CFA) pilot process conducted between October 2018 and January 2019.

The objective of the mapping project is to cast light, via a database of actors, on the landscape for climate finance in Nigeria, identifying sources of both financial and capacity building support for project developers and financiers themselves. The project, like the CFA itself, is built around the concept of a ‘supply chain’ for low-carbon finance (see figure below), and the methodology used for the mapping is based on the categorisation of different types of actor according to the role in the supply chain.

The mapping exercise was conducted between June and September 2019, by a team of climate finance experts based in Nigeria and overseas, which included individuals who had been involved in delivery of both the initial London CFA workshop in 2017 and the CFA Nigeria pilot in 2018/19. Logistical and other support in Lagos was provided by the Nigeria Economic Summit Group.

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