Developer or Source: Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

ProForm is a software tool designed to support a basic assessment of the environmental and financial impacts of renewable energy and energy efficiency projects. ProForm can assess renewable energy projects that generate electricity and/or produce non-electric energy, as well as fuel switching projects, methane gas capture projects, cogeneration projects, and energy efficiency projects that save electricity and/or fuels. These projects may involve a single installation of technology (such as a power plant) or they may include many units of equipment over one year or several. ProForm calculates basic financial indicators, avoided emissions of CO2 and local air pollutants expected from a project.

Region: Global
Sectors and Topics: Energy Efficiency, Renewable Energy
Scale: Unspecified
Expertise Level: Generalist
Resource Type: Analysis Tools
Cost: No
Inputs Needed: Baseline technology Electricity production Baseline fuels used Fuel carbon intensity Capital upgrades O&M costs Electricity price received Value of carbon offsets Tax rate Discount rate
Outputs Provided: Internal rate of return Net present value Debt service coverage ratio Payback period Annual cash flow Emissions of CO2 and local air pollutants
Languages: English
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