Mainstreaming Gender in Energy Projects: A Practical Handbook

This handbook was developed by ENERGIA to provide guidance on how to integrate gender concerns and develop a concrete gender strategy, or a Gender Action Plan (GAP) in energy projects. Topics covered include how to assess the gender situation in an energy project, what gender interventions can be undertaken as part of project activities, how to build capacities and institutionalise gender mainstreaming practices within implementing organisations and partners, and how to measure and monitor the progress made on gender aspects of energy projects. It visualises the process of gender integration in four major stages - preparation, design, implementation, and monitoring and evaluation, and highlights case studies of good practices and a series of tools for achieving similar results. Of particular note is guidance for developing gender-sensitive indicators to measure project progress and impacts. The handbook is aimed at both energy project managers and staff, as well as gender experts who are tasked with mainstreaming gender by their organisations.

Region: Global
Sectors and Topics: Energy Efficiency, Gender, Jobs, Renewable Energy, Rural
Scale: Project-Level
Expertise Level: Practitioner, Specialist
Resource Type: Guidance and Frameworks, Templates
Cost: No
Guidance: The Resource Pack is an accompanying document and provides practical tools and examples for energy projects that show how to undertake gender mainstreaming systematically.
Languages: English
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