A Guide on Gender Mainstreaming in the Africa Biogas Partnership Programme (ABPP)

The Africa Biogas Partnership Programme (ABPP) is a six-country initiative with the objective of facilitating the construction of 100,000 biogas digesters by March 2019. This Gender Mainstreaming (GM) Guide, developed by ENERGIA, provides guidance on how to integrate gender concerns within the ABPP and in biogas programs in general. In particular, what gender interventions can be undertaken as part of ABPP program activities, what institutional aspects need to be looked at and how to monitor the progress made on gender aspects of the program. The GM Guide targets nongender specialists in recognizing and addressing gender issues in their work, with the intention of demystifying gender, and clarifying the concept and practice of “gender mainstreaming” within ABPP. It aims to provide the NIAs (National Implementing Agencies) participating in the ABPP the necessary knowledge and information to identify gender issues pertinent to their national biogas programs through use of practical tools, to identify, plan and implement gender-focused activities in their programs, and to track the performance of the program on gender issues.

Region: Sub-Saharan Africa, Global
Sectors and Topics: Energy Efficiency, Gender, Health, Renewable Energy, Rural
Scale: Project-Level
Expertise Level: Practitioner, Specialist
Resource Type: Guidance and Frameworks, Analysis Tools
Cost: No
Languages: English
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