Greenhouse Gas Protocol Calculation Tools

Developer or Source: Greenhouse Gas Protocol

These sectors include specific worksheets for direct emissions as follows: Adipic Acid: N2O emissions from production Aluminum: GHG emissions from production Ammonia: CO2 emissions from production Cement: CO2 emissions from production HCFC-22: HFC-23 emissions from production Iron and Steel: CO2 emissions from production Nitric Acid: N2O emissions from production Pulp and Paper: GHG emissions from pulp and paper mills Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning: HFC and PFC emissions from the manufacturing, installation, operation, and disposal of refrigeration and air-conditioning equipment Semiconductors: PFC emissions from the production of semiconductor wafers Wood products: GHG emissions from wood products

Region: Global
Sectors and Topics: Infrastructure and Industry
Expertise Level: Practitioner
Resource Type: Analysis Tools
Cost: No
Inputs Needed: Production inputs
Outputs Provided: Emissions from production
Languages: English
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