Developer or Source: Sustainable Energy Planning Research Group at Aalborg University

EnergyPLAN simulates the operation of national energy systems on an hourly basis, including the electricity, heating, cooling, industry, and transport sectors and analyzes the energy, environmental, and economic impact of various energy strategies. The objective is to model a variety of options so that they can be compared with one another, rather than model one ‘optimum’ solution based on defined pre-conditions. Using this methodology, it is possible to illustrate a palette of options for the energy system, rather than one core solution. This could classify EnergyPLAN as a ‘simulation’ tool rather than an optimization tool, even though there is some optimization within the model.

Region: Global
Sectors and Topics: Energy Efficiency
Scale: National
Expertise Level: Specialist
Resource Type: Analysis Tools
Guidance: Training is available at
Inputs Needed: Technical design of power system, including type and amount of power plant, wind turbines fuel consumption by sector Economic data including costs of fuel, investments, operation and additional costs
Outputs Provided: Hourly operations of national energy systems, including electricity, heating cooling, industry and transport sectors
Languages: English
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