Energy-Environment-Economy Global Macro-Economic (E3ME)

Developer or Source: Cambridge Econometrics

E3ME is a global sectoral econometric model used to analyze long-term energy and environment interactions within the global economy and to assess short- and long-term impacts of climate change policy. The model comprises the accounting framework of the economy coupled with balances for energy and material demands and environmental emission flows; detailed historical data sets; and an econometric specification of behavioral relationships in which short-term deviations move towards long-term trends.

Region: Europe and Central Asia
Sectors and Topics: Renewable Energy
Scale: National, Sub-national, Project-Level
Expertise Level: Practitioner
Resource Type: Analysis Tools
Cost: No
Inputs Needed: Demographic factors Economic policy World oil prices Energy policy Environmental policy
Outputs Provided: GDP and the aggregate components of GDP (household expenditure, investment, government expenditure and international trade) sectoral output and GVA prices trade and competitiveness effects consumer prices and expenditures and implied household distributional effects sectoral employment unemployment sectoral wage rates and labor supply energy demand by sector and by fuel energy prices CO2 emissions by sector and by fuel other airborne emissions material demands
Languages: English
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