Roberta Makoko

Malawi In-Country Facilitator

Roberta Makoko is the NDC Partnership In-Country Facilitator for Malawi and is embedded within the Ministry of Forestry and Natural Resources in the Environmental Affairs Department, Climate Change Section. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Health and Master’s degree in Environmental Science. Roberta has an Environmental Health and Environmental Science background and has worked with the Government of Malawi and several Non-Governmental Organizations. To build on this background, she interned with the Environmental Affairs Department 10 years back and worked with AG Relief and Development Services, whose main mandate was response to the impact of Climate Change at community level. She has also worked in the Malawi National Statistical Office; the Department of Nutrition, HIV & AIDS; and One Acre Fund, an NGO that promotes new agricultural techniques and methodologies among small holder farmers in adaptation to Climate Change.

This position is supported by the NDC Partnership Support Unit.