Quentin Dean

Executive Assistant


Quentin Dean is the Executive Assistant to the Global Director of the NDC Partnership Support Unit.

Prior to joining the Partnership, Quentin served as Senior Regulatory Affairs Coordinator at ACICS, where he managed higher education projects, coordinated congressional relations and organized external affairs events. Previously he worked for the World Bank in the Office of the President, where he prepared briefings for meetings with Heads of State and Government, international organizations and NGOs, arranged meetings with business and bank CEOs, and coordinated issues throughout the World Bank. Quentin also served in the offices of the Managing Directors, the Vice President for Operations Policy and Strategy, and the Office of the Vice President for External and United Nations Affairs. Prior to this, Quentin worked for the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), where he provided member states with information and photographs about the state of the world’s children.

Quentin holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science from Columbia University, New York.