Muktar Abduke Ahmed

Ethiopia In-Country Facilitator

Muktar Abduke Ahmed is the NDC Partnership In-Country Facilitator for Ethiopia and is embedded in the Environment, Forest and Climate Change Commission (EFCCC). Muktar holds a Bachelor of Science in Agriculture from Addis Ababa University, and Master of Science in Land and Water Resource Management from Cranfield University (UK) and pursued his PhD in Soil Science at Wageningen University. He has over 20 years of work experience with governments and international organizations in Ethiopia and East Africa on topics related to climate change adaptation, community managed disaster risk reduction, land and water resource management, participatory forest and rangelands management irrigation development and management, conservation agriculture, water supply and sanitation, Institutional development and capacity building of public and civil society organizations. Since 2018, Muktar has worked for the Global Affairs Canada (GAC)/Canada Embassy in Ethiopia as Climate Change and Environment Specialist where he has provided technical advice and professional support in the management of Canada's bilateral human dignity and climate change programs in Ethiopia.