Margaret Barihaihi

Regional Manager Anglophone Africa


Margaret Barihaihi is a sustainability professional with an interdisciplinary skill set and a global reach. Currently a Regional Specialist for Anglophone Africa within the NDC Partnership Support Unit under UNFCCC Secretariat Consultancy supporting Anglophone Africa countries and Mozambique to access technical and financial resources to accelerate implementation and transform their Nationally Determined Contributions into achievable national targets towards implementing the Paris Agreement.  She benefits from 23 years of experience in program design and management with different international organizations including IUCN, CARE, USAID, World Vision, Oxfam Great Britain and global think tanks like Overseas Development Institute (ODI). Prior to joining NDC Partnership, she held a global position at Oxfam Great Britain as an International Coordinator for a multi country Africa Climate Change Resilience Alliance covering Uganda, Mozambique and Ethiopia for four years.  Margaret offers expertise and knowledge of supporting national and local governments in the fields of natural resource management, climate change adaptation, resilient technology development, gender and governance analysis for policy influencing and resource mobilization. She holds a Masters in Sustainability (Environment and Development) from the University of Leeds in the UK.  She has written a number of high level quality papers and in some cases as contributory author for published and unpublished papers.