Kinda Péléga

Burkina Faso Facilitator

Kinda Péléga holds a Master’s degree in Science and Economics of Climate Change from the African Center for Scientific Research and Training, a Master’s degree in International and Comparative Environmental Law from the University of Limoges and a DEA diploma in advanced studies from Ouaga II University. He capitalizes over 10 years of experience in building the capacities of climate change actors. He worked in this position as an employee or consultant expert with several government departments, international institutions and cooperation missions such as the Ministry in charge of the environment and the economy and climate change of Burkina Faso, of UNITAR through UNCC: Learn, UNEP-DTU Partnership, UK Pratical Actions Consulting and UK Met Office, GIZ, SIDA, CILSS, 2iE. In terms of scientific research, his work is focused on the feasibility of climate risk insurance for the housing sector in poor and vulnerable urban areas of Sahelian cities in Africa with an emphasis on Burkina Faso.

This position is supported by Belgium.