Jeniffer Hanna-Collado

Regional Manager, Latin America & the Caribbean


Jeniffer Hanna-Collado is the LAC Regional Manager for the NDC Partnership. Jeniffer is Dominican, industrial engineer, Fulbright scholar with a master's degree in Climate Science and Policy from Bard College, Center for Environmental Policy in New York, USA.

Prior joining the NDC Partnership, Jeniffer worked in the Dominican Republic government for 11 years on climate change public policy. From the analysis, evaluation and monitoring of climate change mitigation and adaptation projects, facilitating communication between state and non-state actors, as well as supporting the National Focal Point of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). Her last government position, which she held for 5 years was Head of the Planning and Development Division in the National Council for Climate Change and the Clean Development Mechanism. She has been involved in the academia designing and facilitating different programs on climate issues in higher education. Advisor to the Dominican Republic Delegation at UNFCCC conferences, former lead negotiator for the DR on Action for Climate Empowerment (ACE) and capacity building issues. Jeniffer also served co-facilitator of the capacity building negotiations from 2017-2018. Former member of the Paris Committee for Capacity Development (PCCB) of the UNFCCC for the period 2017-2022. Collaborator of the book "The Paris Agreement on Climate Change: A Legal Analysis and Implementation Guide" by Oxford University Press (OUP), published in 2017 and author of chapter 17 on article 12 of the Paris Agreement.

In 2020, Jeniffer led the process of DR’s Nationally Determined Contribution (NDC) revision and update. After that, she continued as the In-Country Facilitator for the NDC Partnership and led the process of updating DR’s NDC Action Plan for the period 2022-2025. In addition, she worked as the national consultant for the regional project “Increasing the ambition of the Nationally Determined Contributions and climate financing in the Central América” for Dominican Republic -implemented by UNEP with a GCF readiness funding.

Jeniffer loves dogs, travel, culture, exploring new restaurants and/or bars, and a good cup of coffee. She also loves to just stay in and relax with a good movie or tv show.