Irma Melikishvili

Georgia In-Country Facilitator

Irma Melikishvili is the NDC Partnership In-Country Facilitator for Georgia and is embedded in the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Agriculture (MEPA). She holds a master's degree in Environmental Management from the Center of Environmental Studies of Brown University, USA. She has experience working with different organizations, including the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Agriculture of Georgia and its structural unit, the LEPL Environmental Information and Education Center, and international organizations like UNECE, UNDP, and GIZ. She has project management, coordination, advisory, consultancy, and technical expertise experience. In her role as an advisor to the BMU-supported Vertically Integrated Climate Policies (VICLIM) program, she facilitated information exchange between municipal and central authorities in Georgia and provided advisory services on the mainstreaming of climate change mitigation actions into municipal services and projects. She also has experience working on various donor-supported initiatives for strengthening the national institutional and decision-making capacities towards ratifying and implementing international agreements Georgia has joined (e.g., Aarhus Convention, Espoo Convention, Minamata Convention on Mercury, Montreal Protocol Ozon Depleting Substances, Paris Agreement, Etc.) Besides, she worked as a consultant/expert facilitating the studies, revisions, and improvement of existing national environmental policy and regulatory systems in line with the EU-GEO Association Agreement, which Georgian signed in 2014.  

This position is supported through PAF.