Hayrapet Hakobyan

Armenia In-Country Facilitator

Hayrapet Hakobyan is the NDC Partnership In-Country Facilitator for Armenia and is embedded in the Ministry of Environment. Mr. Hakobyan provides expertise to facilitate NDC implementation in Armenia by coordinating the mobilization of actors and resources and supporting the NDC Partnership Country Engagement. He also works as Assistant to the Minister. Mr. Hakobyan assists the Minister on several environmental issues including NDC, NAP, GCF and UNFCCC related in-country processes. He also supported the NDC Partnership focal points (Ministry of Environment and Ministry of Economy) in building partnerships with national and local authorities, private sector, NGOs as well as international partners, particularly in raising awareness on climate change. Mr. Hakobyan holds a Master of Science in Economics and Energy and Environmental Policy from University College London.  

This position is supported by UNDP.