Abhishek Yadav

Nepal In-Country Facilitator

Abhishek Yadav is the NDC Partnership In-Country Facilitator for Nepal and is embedded within the Ministry of Forests and Environment. He completed his Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering at the University of New Orleans, USA and holds a Master’s degree in Economics and Policy of Energy and the Environment from the University College London, UK. He has a background in economics, policy, planning, implementation management, monitoring and evaluation of Climate Change mitigation and adaptation projects. Abhishek previously worked in Nepal for various government agencies, the World Bank, and the private sector on renewable energy projects such as hydropower, solar, and wind as well as climate change adaptation projects including weather forecasting networks, early flood warning, and climate smart agriculture. He has been involved in performing energy, environment, and economic modelling to inform policy making, target setting, cost-benefit analysis, and financing of Climate-focused projects at the national level.