InfraCo Asia

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Private Infrastructure Development Group
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South Asia

InfraCo Asia provides the funding and expertise needed to develop early stage, higher risk infrastructure projects into viable investment opportunities in South and Southeast Asia. As a part of the Private Infrastructure Development Group, InfraCo Asia’s mission is to catalyze private sector investments needed to bridge the infrastructure gap in Asia’s emerging and frontier markets. Developing Asia will require an investment of $1.7 trillion per year in infrastructure until 2030 to maintain its growth momentum, tackle poverty, and respond to climate change. InfraCo Asia deploys funding and expertise to de-risk the early-stage development of socially responsible and sustainable infrastructure projects that make a lasting impact on people and economies, in alignment with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. 

InfraCo Asia was established in 2010. Since then, they have successfully developed 12 projects through to Financial Close, of which they have fully exited 6 projects. InfraCo Asia currently has 9 projects under development, 4 projects under construction and 4 operational assets. They fund pre-financial-close, early-stage infrastructure development activities by taking an equity stake in high-risk projects. They step in where the private sector is initially unable or unwilling to invest. They mitigate risks at the beginning of the project, creating fresh opportunities for private sector participation. They seek to exit a project once the sufficient investment has been mobilized or an alternative source of financing has been secured: this may mean topping up or retaining early-stage risk capital through construction and during initial operations. To date, they have fully exited 6 projects, and the proceeds are being reinvested into new projects in South and South East Asia.

Support Provider

Private Infrastructure Development Group (PIDG)

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Prepare Proposals, Projects and Pipelines
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PIDG is a multi-owner organisation that promotes private infrastructure investment in developing countries through specialised financing and project development facilities and programmes. InfraCo Asia’s role within the PIDG organisational structure is illustrated in the following document: INFRACO-ASIA_BROCHURE-FOR-WEB.pdf (

Eligible Countries

South and Souteast Asia