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Partnership in Action 2020: Keeping Ambition Alive


What a year. The NDC Partnership has worked hard to support countries in driving climate action and raising ambition. Thanks to the efforts of our more than 180 members, we have much to be proud of.


We are excited to share Keeping Ambition Alive, the 2020 edition of our flagship Partnership in Action (PiA) report. The PiA 2020 details some of the most important lessons and examples of leadership from our work.


Our core mission remains supporting countries as they mainstream climate action into their sustainable development. The PiA 2020 shows how support from more than 120 implementing partners is enabling more than 75 countries to accelerate climate action. We highlight how countries are aligning their COVID-19 response with climate action and trends in key areas such as health and inclusive growth. We describe how the Partnership uses its knowledge management to share trends and fill gaps in support. And we cover the Partnership’s major initiatives to drive gender equality and effectively engage young people in our work.


Climate action can only happen at scale by mobilizing finance. Our members have deployed around USD1 billion through the Partnership, but we know countries need much more. The PiA 2020 shows the main areas in which countries are seeking and receiving support to expand investment. We also look at how the Partnership quickly pivoted to support countries as they respond to COVID-19 by aligning economic recovery plans and climate action. We describe how economic advisors are being deployed to finance ministries in more than 30 countries to enable them to put climate at the heart of their economic recovery plans.


The year 2020 was intended to be a major milestone, as countries are called to update their NDCs and seek to raise ambition. The disruptions of COVID-19 have delayed this action in many cases, but with Partnership support, has not derailed it. The more than 60 countries receiving support through our Climate Action Enhancement Package have made major progress in refining their NDCs and making their mitigation and adaptation actions more ambitious.


Every country is different, but all have valuable lessons to impart. The PiA 2020 also shares some of the most interesting and inspiring stories from our country members. Some of these are notable for their overall approach to aligning climate and development. Others have pioneered action on gender equality and forest protection. All have shown leadership. 


The PiA 2020 comes in two versions. The first is a glittering multimedia magazine, including video and other media elements. The second is an immersive PDF package that you can download and print. 


As we look back at this extraordinary year, we are inspired by the commitment, ingenuity, and collaborative spirit of our members. We hope that you find the stories presented here useful and motivating, and that you will join us in the coming year as we all work together for more effective climate action.


Download the immersive PDF version of PiA 2020 or browse the multimedia version of PiA 2020 below: