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Jordan Developing 2050 Long-term Low-carbon and Climate Resilient Strategy

Jordan aims to address economic, social, health and environmental challenges through the development and implementation of a Long-Term Low-carbon and Climate Resilient Strategy (LTS). With the long-term objective of aligning development goals with climate ambition, this comprehensive and inclusive plan presents an opportunity for the country to implement robust climate measures while navigating green economic growth and recovery.

Establishing a sustainable and country-owned institutional arrangement such as the LTS through active engagement with local stakeholders, including academic institutions, research organizations and the private sector, can help to ensure the long-term success of climate goals. While Jordan has made significant progress in fulfilling their commitments under the Paris Agreement, their LTS will assist in building overall national capacity to address climate change, looking beyond short-term submission and reporting requirements.

Through the NDC Partnership, the World Bank assisted the Government of Jordan in the development of an LTS Action Plan, which was approved by the Ministry of Environment and the National Climate Change Committee (NCCC) in December 2021. This Action Plan informed Jordan’s LTS process, the development of which is now part of the NDC and LTS Support Program under the World Bank’s Climate Support Facility (previously known as the NDC Support Facility). Bolstered by a $15 million allocation, the NDC and LTS Support program will continue to assist countries in developing and achieving their long-term climate goals.

The progress of these initiatives paints a promising picture for Jordan's climate resilience efforts. The World Bank has conducted extensive consultation workshops on adaptation and mitigation sectors during the LTS development process.

By emphasizing long-term planning, active engagement of local stakeholders and aligning national strategies with global climate goals, these initiatives signify a paradigm shift for how countries like Jordan approach climate change and sustainable development. These efforts not only address immediate challenges but also establish a framework for sustained climate action, ensuring that Jordan is well-equipped to handle the challenges of the future. As this work continue to unfold, the NDC Partnership, together with other affiliated partners and implementers, will continue to support the Jordanian government in its pursuit of a greener, more resilient future.

Cover photo: courtesy of the NDC Partnership