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2023 Partnership in Action Report: The Building Blocks of Climate Action

The Partnership in Action (PiA) report is the NDC Partnership’s flagship publication, giving the opportunity to showcase important achievements and stories from across our ever-growing global membership. The 2023 PiA, Shaping Our Future: The Building Blocks for Climate Action, takes stock of an eventful year of accelerated commitment and action, bringing new dimensions to the exciting collaborations and developments happening across the Partnership.  

With COP28 now behind us, and the NDC Partnership providing a strong platform for member engagement throughout, it is clear that the world is accelerating the move away from fossil fuels towards a green energy transition. The outcomes of the first Global Stocktake are stark, but they are also clear; we must act now, and we must act together. The Stocktake, through a number of key findings, calls for stronger mitigation measures, increased adaptation action and greater mobilization of financial resources. 

The 2023 Partnership in Action report, through dozens of in-depth stories, multimedia features and partner testimonials, covers a number of topics related to key discussions at COP28, including capacity building in the context of climate finance, investment needs identification and prioritization, leveraging technical and financial support from institutional and development partners to mobilize public and private finance for NDC implementation, and highlighting the significant work the Partnership has been doing in LT-LEDS development.  

NDC Partnership members are grappling with - and overcoming - many of the issues key to unlocking the finance needed for ambitious climate action, including capacity development, investment planning, and the mobilization of finance at scale,” said the NDC Partnership’s Global Director, Pablo Vieira. “We have a long way to go in fully meeting the commitments agreed to in the Paris Agreement, as the Global Stocktake advances, now is the moment to reflect on the progress we have made, determine what is successful and effective, and double down where we can deliver impactful climate action. We believe that this Partnership in Action report helps provide the tools and inspiration for our collective efforts.”

As a global coalition of more than 200 members, including 120 countries and nearly 100 institutions, the NDC Partnership is uniquely positioned to address the challenges that lie ahead, and currently supports more than 90 countries to develop and implement their NDCs, as well as mobilizing the necessary finance to translate these commitments into actionable initiatives.  Such support ensures that countries have the necessary resources for ambitious and realistic NDCs, while providing a pathway to catalyze the requisite climate finance for successful implementation.   

Through a comprehensive approach to investment planning and financial mobilization driven by a robust Finance Strategy, the NDC Partnership has successfully leveraged USD 1.7 billion in technical assistance from across its members and aligned a further USD 9.6 billion to country projects. By empowering countries to present compelling investment opportunities, the Partnership plays a crucial role in facilitating global climate finance. 

Closing ambition, implementation and finance gaps, through adequate assistance and support, will better position countries to develop their NDCs in 2025 and foster greater alignment with Long-Term Low Emission Development Strategies (LT-LEDS). Coupling these policy instruments ultimately provides a roadmap for long-term decarbonization and resilience based on specific national circumstances. 

Read about examples from this important collective work online here: The 2023 PiA, Shaping Our Future: The Building Blocks for Climate Action

Cover photo by Omar Lucas | Courtesy of the NDC Partnership