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23 December 2020

2020: A Yet More Devastating Year Closes With At Least Some Signs Of Hope

In a new piece on IPS News, Farhana Haque Rahman highlights the NDC Partnership's Climate Action Enhancement Package and some of the work that is completed through the initiative. She writes:

This too should have been the year of COP26, the critical climate crisis conference which thanks to COVID-19 will be staged in 2021 instead, in Glasgow. Some governments have hesitated to step up their Paris Agreement commitments to cut emissions but the Dominican Republic’s President Luis Abinader arrived at his inauguration in August in an electrically driven car as a symbolic gesture of his intentions, working with the support of The Climate Action Enhancement Package (CAEP), an initiative of the NDC Partnership.

Read the full article at http://www.ipsnews.net/2020/12/2020-yet-devastating-year-closes-least-si....


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