Sigma Explorer

Sectors and Themes
Disaster Risk Reduction
Economic Recovery
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Resource Type
Analysis Tools

Information and methodology of sigma explorer data:…

Outputs Provided
Graphs, charts, and other visualizations using the tool’s insurance, catastrophe, and resilience data.
Developer or Source
Swiss Re Institute

Discover the regional market structures and long-term premium growth trends in the global re/insurance industry. Use the interactive sigma explorer tool to visualize and share historical data about natural and manmade catastrophes, the number of lives lost and world re/insurance premiums going as far back as 1970.

The sigma explorer contains data on world insurance premiums, natural and manmade catastrophes, and macroeconomic resilience indicators. The tool enables users to generate graphs and visualizations using these datasets, examine details of individual data points, and conduct deep dives into data by year and by country. Visualizations generated using this tool can be exported for further analysis and presentation.