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Climate Technology Centre & Network (CTCN)

The CTCN is mandated by COP decision 19/25 to disseminate its outputs and facilitate knowledge-sharing through a well-functioning information platform that serves as a comprehensive, up-to-date, and easily accessible library of information on climate technology availability, costs, and performance. This information has been organized into four technology sectors-adaptation, mitigation, cross-sectoral enablers, and cross-cutting approaches. Defined by the IPCC, climate technologies cover any piece of equipment, technique, practical knowledge or skills for performing a particular activity that can be used to face climate change. This means that a ‘CTCN Climate Technology Library’ will cover a broad range of hard-, soft- and orgware-type solutions to combating climate change (effects). Within each technology sector, users will find a multitude of resources such as related publications, partners, CTCN technical assistance, technologies and other information pertaining to the selected topic. Filters allow users to search by type of content, region, country, objective, sector, approach, and enabler, to make the list of resources easier to manage.

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