Wellcome Trust

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Non-profit or civil society organization
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36,800,000,000 GBP

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Wellcome Trust

Wellcome is a global charitable foundation established in 1936. Through their work they support science to solve the urgent health issues facing everyone.

Wellcome funds curiosity-driven research, and they’re taking on three of the biggest health challenges facing humanity – climate change, infectious disease and mental health.

With a £36.8 billion investment portfolio, Wellcome gives researchers the time and resources they need to make breakthroughs.

They also work with policy makers, run advocacy campaigns, and form partnerships with other organisations to ensure everyone, everywhere benefits from advances in health science. 

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Wellcome Trust

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The Trust aims to focus on: quantitative data on the effects of climate change on health; identifying the benefits to health of urgent climate change mitigation actions; establishing evidence on how to protect health through climate change adaption actions; and creating a global climate and health community with the skills and tools necessary to make a significant impact.
Eligibility Criteria

The climate and health programme seeks to: significantly increase our understanding of the effects of climate change on human health and define the interventions and policies that can respond to the climate crisis in a way that protects and improves human health. 

Climate change has many impacts on human health.  For example, higher temperatures and extreme weather events, such as heatwaves and flash flooding, directly cause illness and death.   

However, climate change is also driving shifts in the distribution of important infectious diseases such as malaria, as well as reducing the ability of farmers to grow crops, potentially leaving millions of people in conditions of food insecurity.

Eligible Countries