The Pandemic Fund

Climate Objective
Sectors and Themes
Type of Support Provider
Type of Recipient
Public entity at the national level
Public entity at the regional level
Non-profit or civil society organization
Fund Size

Second call for proposals: $40 million USD
Total contributions: $1,688.95 million USD

Co-financing Requirement
Application Timeframe

Application for the second call for proposals opens late February 2024. The deadline to submit proposal is May 17, 2024.

Trustee or Administrator
World Bank
Contact Information

The Pandemic Fund Secretariat:

The Pandemic Fund's Second Call for Proposals prioritizes high-impact investments in the following three priority areas: 1) early warning and disease surveillance systems, 2) laboratory systems (human and animal), and 3) strengthening human resources/public health and community workforce capacity for human and animal health, to help countries prevent, prepare for and respond to health emergencies. Grant financing provided through the second CfP is intended to help countries and regions strengthen their core capacities in the three priority areas mentioned above, which present the promise of generating visible impact in terms of prevention and preparedness to effectively detect and rapidly respond to disease outbreaks. These priority areas have been selected for their contribution to the objectives of the Pandemic Fund and are consistent with core capacities for pandemic prevention, preparedness and response (PPR) that countries are obliged to develop and maintain under the International Health Regulations.

Support Provider

Top contributors to the Pandemic Fund include: European Union, United States, Germany, Italy, and Japan.

Purpose of Support
Strengthening enabling environments and stakeholder capacity
Funding Type
Monitoring and Reporting Procedures

All projects and activities supported under the Pandemic Fund have explicit commitments to monitoring, evaluation, learning and knowledge efforts during implementation following the standards, procedures and requirements of the IEs directly concerned. Each project that receives funding from the Pandemic Fund will report annually to the Secretariat on progress and results for all activities, including reporting on core indicators of the Results Framework as well as project level indicators. A core set of project level indicators and the reporting template are being developed, and the same template will be used by all projects to ensure a streamlined reporting process. The Secretariat will consolidate reporting into an annual portfolio impact/results report and submit it to the Governing Board. The accuracy of all reporting is the responsibility of the originating project and IEs. The standardized format and contents to be used for the IE reports will be agreed upon with the Governing Board. IEs are also required to comply with all reporting requirements set out in the Operations Manual and Financial Procedures Agreement (FPA).

Organizational and Decision Making Structure

Timeline and process for the second round of funding

December 22, 2023:
2nd Call for Proposals announced. Guidance Note released.

Late February 2024:
The Secretariat will release further information on the technical evaluation criteria and scoring methodology, along with the application template. The online application portal will also be opened at this time.

Applicants should begin preparing detailed proposals. This is a mandatory step for all applicants requesting financing.

May 17, 2024:
Deadline to submit proposals through the Pandemic Fund’s application portal [link to be provided in February 2024]. The deadline for submission of proposals is May 17, 2024 at 23:59 Eastern Time.

June - August 2024:
Review of eligible proposals by the Technical Advisory Panel.

September – October 2024 (TBC in June 2024):
Review of eligible proposals by the Governing Board. Announcement of selected proposals to be funded. Exact dates will be communicated in June and will be based on the number of proposals received.


Each proposal will first be screened by the Secretariat for the following considerations: 

a) Was the proposal received prior to the deadline and is it complete with all necessary supplemental documents enclosed?
b) Is the proposal clear and legible and submitted in English?
c) Is the applicant eligible?
d) For single and multi-country proposals, does it include at least one eligible country as a Beneficiary?
e) Have the submission limits been respected?
f) Does the proposal include at least one of the approved IEs to channel funds?
g) Does the proposal focus on activities addressing at least one priority area?
h) Is there consistency across the figures reported in various parts and tables of the application?
i) Has the cap on amount requested (up to US$25M for Single-country proposals and up to US$40M for Multi-country and Regional Entity proposals) been respected?
j) Has the cap on IE administrative fees (as a percentage of amount requested) of 7% been respected, and for any amounts over 7% (and up to 10%), has justification been provided?

Eligibility Criteria

Any country that is eligible to receive funding from IBRD and/or IDA is eligible, in principle, to receive funding from the Pandemic Fund. It may be noted, however, that the 16 countries that were awarded single-country grants under the first CfP are not eligible to receive single-country grants under the second CfP. However, these countries may be included in “Multi-country” or “Regional Entity” proposals. Countries that were part of successful multi-country grants and/or covered under successful Regional Entity proposals in the first CfP are eligible to apply for both single-country and multi-country grants in the second CfP.


There are three types of proposals that will be accepted, which include:

  1. Single-country proposal: This is a proposal submitted by one eligible country along with one or more approved IEs, where the activities of the proposal will occur in and benefit those at the national or sub-national level of the applying country.
  2. Multi-country proposal: This is a proposal submitted by two or more eligible countries along with one or more approved IEs, where the activities of the proposal will occur in and benefit those at the national or sub-national level of each of the applying countries. A proposal from multiple countries in the same region would also be considered as a “multi-country proposal” and not a Regional Entity proposal.
  3. Regional Entity proposal: This is a proposal submitted by a Regional Entity (or body or platform) along with one or more approved IEs, where the activities of the proposal will occur in and benefit those at the regional or sub-regional level. A Regional Entity proposal is different than a multi-country proposal because the primary grant beneficiary is a Regional Entity, and not countries.
Eligible Countries

All countries that are eligible to receive financing from the International Development Association (IDA) and the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD) are eligible to apply for project funding from the Pandemic Fund. More information can be found here:

Information on how to
How to submit a proposal

Complete the Application for Funding Template and submit via the Pandemic Fund's application portal.