Invitation Only Philanthropies

Climate Objective
Sectors and Themes
Disaster Risk Reduction
Economic Recovery
Forestry and Other Land Use
Industry and Infrastructure
Nature-based Solutions and Ecosystem Services
Oceans and Coasts
Rural Development
Type of Support Provider
Co-financing Requirement

The following is an informational list of invitation-only philanthropies which provide climate finance. Browse philanthropies alphabetically or search by sectoral and thematic focus (when applicable). Click on the links below to learn more about individual organizations:

Alcoa Foundation - Energy
Alfred P. Sloan Foundation - Energy, Industry and Infrastructure, Transportation
Arcadia Fund - Oceans and Coasts
Bezos Earth Fund - Agriculture, Energy, Industry and Infrastructure, Transportation
Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation - Agriculture, Water
Bloomberg Philanthropies - Cities, Education, Energy, Health, Oceans and Coasts
Charles Stewart Mott Foundation - Finance, Water
Children's Investment Fund Foundation - Agriculture, Cities, Education, Energy, FOLU, Industry and Infrastructure, Youth
Christensen Fund
Clara Lionel Foundation - Disaster risk reduction, Health
ClimateWorks Foundation - Agriculture, Finance, FOLU, Infrastructure and Industry
Clinton Foundation - Agriculture, Disaster risk reduction, Education, Energy, Youth
Dangote Foundation - Agriculture, Disaster risk reduction, Education, Health
Donner Canada Foundation - Education, Health, Oceans and Coasts
Dropbox Foundation 
Eaglemere Foundation - Health
Emerson Collective - Education, Nature-based solutions and ecosystem services
Fedex Cares - Disaster risk reduction, Energy, Gender, Health, Transportation
Flora Family Foundation - Energy, Oceans and coasts
Flora Thornton Foundation  - Gender, Health, Oceans and coasts, Water
Frederick Mulder Foundation - Nature-based solutions and ecosystem services
Give2Asia - Agriculture, Disaster Risk Reduction, Education, Youth
Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation - FOLU, Nature-based solutions and ecosystem services, Oceans and Coasts
Gratham Foundation for the Protection of the Environment - Energy, Nature-based solutions and ecosystem services
Halloran Philanthropies 
Hesing-Simons Foundation - Education, Energy
IKEA Foundation - Agriculture, Energy, Jobs
John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation - Energy
KR Foundation - Energy, Youth
Libra Foundation - Gender
Madre - Disaster Risk Reduction, Gender, Youth
Margaret A. Cargill Philanthropies - Disaster risk reduction, Education, FOLU, Oceans and Coasts, Water
Max and Anna Levinson Foundation - Energy, FOLU
Mize Family Foundation - Gender, Youth
Nathan Cummings Foundation
New World Foundation - Agriculture, Education, Energy
Overbrook Foundation - Energy, FOLU, Oceans and Coasts
Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation - FOLU, Oceans and Coasts
Rob & Melani Walton Foundation - FOLU, Nature-based solutions and ecosystem services, Oceans and Coasts
Rockefeller Family Fund - FOLU, Oceans and Coasts
Rockefeller Foundation - Agriculture, Energy, Health, Jobs
Sea Change Foundation - Energy, Transportation
Sequoia Climate Foundation - Energy
Skoll Foundation - Economic Recovery, Health
Solidago Foundation - Energy, Jobs
Summit Foundation - Cities, Education, Gender, Health, Oceans and Coasts
Thousand Currents Foundation
Threshold Foundation - FOLU, Health
Tomkat Foundation - Agriculture, Energy
Trafigura Foundation - Agriculture, Nature-based solutions and ecosystem services
UBS Optimus Foundation - Energy, FOLU
V. Kann Rasmussen Foundation - Energy
Wallace Genetic Foundation - Agriculture, Water
Wallace Global Fund - Energy, Gender
Waverley Street Foundation - Agriculture, Energy
William and Flora Hewlett Foundation - Education, Energy
Zegar Family Foundation - Agriculture, Education, Energy, Health
Zoom Foundation - Education

Purpose of Support
Strengthening enabling environments and stakeholder capacity
Prepare Proposals, Projects and Pipelines
Project and program implementation
Complying with reporting requirements (e.g. MRV, ETF)
Funding Type
Loans (concessional and market-rate)
In-kind contributions
Eligibility Criteria

These philanthropies do not accept unsolicited applications. Eligibility is only granted by invitation from one of these organizations.

Eligible Countries