Decarbonizing Humanitarian Energy Multi-Partner Trust

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Non-state actors (e.g., academic/research institutions, non-profits, etc.)
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Sub-Saharan Africa
Sectors and Themes
Disaster Risk Reduction
Call Summary
Guided by strategic and committed partnerships, the Decarbonizing Humanitarian Energy Multi-Partner Trust Fund (MPTF) facilitates a Centralized Clean Energy Service (CCES) that is designed to reduce energy consumption and costs for individual client organizations. Stakeholder action supports the straightforward involvement of the private sector to increase Fund investment capacity and coordinates multiple projects (“bundling”) to achieve economies of scale and unlock innovative financing mechanisms. In doing so, stakeholders open opportunities to improve energy access to displaced and local/host communities in tandem with producing a suite of evidence-based communications materials that promote lower carbon operations. Centralizing aggregation also reveals possibilities for integrating new financing mechanisms that support the transition to sustainable energy solutions or improved energy access for everyone.

Fund results are sought through six “package” areas:

Coordination and Strategic Project Development
Evidence and Technical Assistance
Greening Humanitarian Energy Infrastructure
Leveraging Finance
Capacity Strengthening and Knowledge Sharing
Research on Enabling Community Access

In doing so, outcomes are projected to significantly reduce GHG emissions and are aligned with Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) 7 and 13, and also contribute to institutional sustainability commitments made under the Climate and Environment Charter for Humanitarian Organizations, United Nations Greening the Blue, and nationally determined contributions of programme countries, as per the Paris Agreement.
Eligibility Criteria
The implementation of this fund will start in Niger and Nigeria in the first phase. Any organizations working in these regions are welcome to join this initiative and be part of the green transition. Please contact