Climate x Health Small Grants Program

This call has now closed

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Name of the entity
The Rockefeller Foundation, Global Climate and Health Alliance, AMREF, Wellcome Trust
Type of Support Provider
Close Date
Climate Objective
Eligible to submit a proposal
Non-state actors (e.g., academic/research institutions, non-profits, etc.)
Public entities
Private companies
Co-financing Requirement
Consortium Requirement
Funding Amount
USD 10,000
Sectors and Themes
Call Summary
The Climate x Health Initiative is delighted to offer interested organizations the opportunity to apply for a small grant to strengthen joint advocacy, action, and accountability for climate and health in early 2024.

In the first year, the program will award a handful of small grants between USD $5,000 and $10,000 to support proposals in two overarching categories:

1) Make the case for greater action and accountability on climate and health: This category aims to target decision-makers and persuasively call for ambitious climate and health action, leveraging anything from evidence generation to human stories to champion voices and more.
2) Build capacity and partnerships amid growing climate and health community: This category aims to facilitate more impactful and coordinated action on climate and health by investing in community itself - from getting new groups involved to laying groundwork for meaningful partnerships and dialogue, to ensuring groups are equipped to work together to drive change.
Eligibility Criteria
- This opportunity is primarily for civil society, non-governmental, and not-for-profit organizations. However, any type of organization may choose to apply, and the submitting organization may choose to list partners from any sector as part of their proposal.

- Organizations from all regions and geographies are eligible to apply, with a majority of funds ultimately designated for organizations in low- and middle-income countries or underfunded groups in high-income countries.

- Proposals must have clear relevance to climate and health as well as a significant advocacy, communications, or capacity-building focus.

- Proposals must have one or more specific and realistic deliverables that can be completed by 31 May 2024.

- Proposals can support new activities or deliverable, or supplement/enhance activities and deliverables that are already underway - as long as the addition of the small grant would add unique and distinct value, and this value is clearly articulated.

- Interested organizations must have at least one representative signed up to participate in the Climate x Health forum in time for the application deadline on 27 November.

- Applicants must have an established organizational bank account to receive funds.