African Water Facility

Type of Support Provider
Close Date
Climate Objective
Eligible to submit a proposal
Non-state actors (e.g., academic/research institutions, non-profits, etc.)
Public entities
Accredited entities
Co-financing required?
Consortium requirement?
Name of the entity
African Development Bank
Funding Amount
EUR 5,000,000
Middle East and North Africa
Sub-Saharan Africa
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Call Summary
The African Water Facility (AWF) provides grants and expert technical assistance to implement innovative water projects and raise investment for water projects throughout Africa. Since its inception, the AWF has been outstanding in providing grants for project preparation with measures to strengthen water governance and water knowledge management. Overall, the Facility's action is to support projects designed to increase water, energy and food security, enhance regional cooperation and promote socio-economic growth in Africa. Under the 2017-2025 Strategy, the AWF will focus its activities and operations around three strategic priority areas, which together provide a comprehensive approach to project preparation that creates a favourable investment climate, develops sustainable infrastructure and promotes the financing of investments until they are completed.
The African Water Facility is flexible to receive new project funding applications to develop its pipeline. Applicants must be from one of the regional member countries of the African Development Bank, political subdivisions or agencies working within these countries; or regional agencies or institutions concerned with water resources development in Africa.
Eligibility Requirements
Government and regional institutions
• Central or local African governments and municipalities
• Regional, sub-regional and sectoral organisations such as Regional Economic Organisations (REOs), River Basin Organisations (RBOs), etc.
NGO and civil societies
• Be a non-governmental organisation committed to the continent’s or national development priorities, with proposed activities that will be implemented in Africa
• Be Africa-based or provide evidence of partnership with African institutions
• Provide evidence of currently valid legal registration under the laws of the RMC in which it is operating; as well as evidence of a certificate to carry out business in the RMC in which it intends to carry out the relevant activity, if different from the place of legal registration
• Have appropriate organisational and management capacity, including a governing board
• Show the existence of sound financial systems including clear accounting and budgeting standards, financial statements, a transparent budgeting process, audited accounts and other indicators that confirm their capacity to assume fiduciary responsibility for African Water Facility resources
• Provide evidence of competence, based on past performance, to carry out proposed activities
• Demonstrate credibility, knowledge of local values, networks and structures required to carry out the indicated activities
• Have their proposals supported by the national government as evidenced by a letter signed by the appropriate official of the government, at the Ministerial level, indicating that the country supports the request as being consistent with national priorities. This letter must be sent together with the application for support