Mitigation Action Facility Call for Projects 2024

Mitigation Action Facility
Online (Zoom)
Date & Time

07 February 2024

8:00AM Eastern Time (New York)

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The Facility primarily focuses on three priority sectors - energy, transport and industry, but remains open to cross-sectoral projects linked to one of the priority sectors.


The Call for Projects 2024 was announced and launched on 6 December 2023 at a high-level event at COP28 in Dubai, at the NDCP Pavilion. Similarly to the previous Call for Projects 2023, the new Call has a funding volume of up to EUR 100 million.

Both the British and German governments have restated their commitment to the Facility in the form of renewed pledges. The British Government announced in September 2023, that it pledges a further £100 million to the Facility over a 3-year period. The German government announced during the event at COP28, that it intends to pledge EUR 40 million to the Call for Projects 2024 of the Facility.

In the new Call, the most ambitious and feasible climate change mitigation projects are selected for funding support through a comprehensive process including the following phases: Concept Phase; Outline Phase; Detailed Preparation Phase (DPP); and Implementation Phase. The Project Concept Phase preceding the development of Project Outlines has been introduced to simplify the application process and open the competition to a wider range of potential Applicants and partners. 

Given the focus of the Mitigation Action Facility on three priority sectors of energy, industry and transport, the Facility can significantly contribute to initiatives like the Global Renewables and Energy Efficiency Pledge, the Just Energy Transition Partnerships (JETPs) and the Climate Club.  Where relevant, synergies with and a clear reference to the political agreement of the JETPs as well as the consecutive papers (such as an investment plan or an implementation plan) and the Climate Club priorities on transforming industries in the respective countries are highly encouraged.

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