COP28: From Ambition to Action: Successes, Challenges, and Lessons in Climate Finance Planning for 1.5°C

Climate Analytics
Antigua and Barbuda
NDC Partnership Pavilion (Blue Zone, Opportunity District, Zone B7, Building 88)
Date & Time

01 December 2023

11:00AM Gulf Standard Time (Dubai)

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The momentum post-COP26 brought forward a renewed commitment to the 1.5°C temperature goal and a commitment to double down on urgent action. However two years later, despite these pledges, the pace of implementation remains sluggish, climate finance is lagging, and, alarmingly, current trajectories signal a potential 2.4°C temperature increase.  Our event will underscore the immediate need to halve global emissions by 2030 and illuminate the tangible steps towards this monumental task, featuring insights from CA's innovative tool, the 1.5 National Pathway Explorer. The event will lead with country-specific success stories, highlighting their advancements in climate action and planning for and accessing climate finance. Simultaneously, we'll delve into the tangible challenges countries grapple with, from precise costing to demystifying the investment community, and navigating the challenging access landscape.  With a focus on the pivotal importance of climate finance planning in realizing NDC targets, the event will emphasize the hurdles in transitioning from conceptual frameworks to concrete funding proposals. Gleaning insights from the NDC Partnership's Implementation and Investment Planning initiatives, we aim to foster a holistic dialogue that integrates lessons learned and paves a strategic path for the path to net-zero and the decade crucial for the 1.5°C objective.

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