In-Country Engagement

The NDC Partnership is founded on the principle that effective cooperation can fast-track the achievement of results and enhance the collective impact of invested resources.

Member countries who request support and drive in-country NDC implementation acquire access to a large network of partners that can deliver a flexible array of services geared towards implementation of NDCs, including technical assistance, financial support, and knowledge enhancement.

The NDC Partnership is putting its Country Engagement Strategy in practice, and is delivering results in 36 member countries across Africa, Asia, Latin America, and the Pacific in 2018.

Read the Country Engagement Strategy

The Country Engagement Strategy guides our in-country work. The Strategy defines the structures, roles, and approaches for catalyzing targeted changes. It builds on lessons learned, avoiding potential pitfalls identified from other experiences with partnerships and coordination.

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Discover where we are actively engaged and explore relevant date and information on country emissions and NDCs.

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Access the Online Tool

The Country Engagement Online Training Tool provides a comprehensive overview and training on the NDC Partnership and its In-Coutnry Engagement process and work.

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