Access to Finance

Insufficient access to financing at speed and scale remains a chief constraint to achieving the Paris Agreement's goals. Financing is the most frequently requested support topic from members, with 85% of developing country members requesting some type of finance-related support. In response to these requests, the Partnership supports developing countries to increase access to climate finance through a host of measures, including mainstreaming finance into planning, developing investment plans, engaging the private sector and subnational entities, and providing project and pipeline preparation support.  

Mobilizing Climate Finance for NDC Action

Access to finance is critical to enable ambitious mitigation and adaptation action. Yet, significant challenges exist in matching climate finance to impactful projects. On the one hand, investors face challenges in finding investment-ready projects, equipped with the right "enabling environments”, everything from legal processes and clear regulations to pricing regimes and labor availability. On the other hand, governments with identified projects struggle to navigate complex and onerous requirements to access finance.  

The Partnership is uniquely positioned to help bridge the finance gap through its broad network of countries and partners, bringing together the demand for and the supply of climate finance.    

In 2022, the Partnership launched a Finance Strategy, outlining the building blocks to improve the flow of and access to finance for ambitious climate action. By strengthening existing efforts on climate finance and bringing together some of the world’s largest development finance institutions, the Partnership is a catalytic platform for financing climate action.  

Countries have put enhanced ambition on the table - now is the time to deliver. Learn more about how the Partnership is working to facilitate greater investment flows to our member countries and increase financing for NDC implementation around the world. 

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