The content below draws together country specific information and resources to support NDC implementation for climate and development action.

Seychelles, a member since November 2016, requested support from the NDC Partnership in February 2018. Seychelles has been a historical advocate of climate action. The country set up a climate change coordination committee in the early 90s and has by now developed several economy-wide national climate change strategies. While the country already implements a wide array of climate measures, Seychelles aims to develop a Partnership Plan with a twofold purpose: to coordinate climate initiatives in the country, and to support the mobilization of resources. With support from GCCA+, an initiative of the European Union, and the NDC Partnership Support Unit, Seychelles is developing a Partnership Plan in consultation with sectors on measures to support the National Renewable Energy Roadmap and to set up a national MRV system. Components of the Plan will also include actions to revise the country’s NDC, in particular amid the country’s unique situation and opportunities arising from Blue Economy and the tourism industry.


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