How we work

The NDC Partnership works directly with national governments, international institutions, civil society, researchers, and the private sector to fast-track climate and development action.

How We Achieve Results

We use a country-driven approach that helps governments set priorities and connect them to available resources across our membership. As every country has its own need and challenges, our approach adapts to each country's unique situation.

The Partnership aims to increase alignment, coordination, and access to resources to link needs to solutions.

  • Technical Assistance and Capacity Building - We support governments in defining the processes, policies, and plans required to deliver NDC goals, alongside other development objectives.
  • Knowledge and Information Sharing - We enable countries to learn from and support each other, turning local know-how into global action through knowledge tools and peer-to-peer exchanges.
  • Access to Finance - We facilitate countries in aligning their NDC goals with financial resources.

Learn about our Country Engagement work

The Partnership engages directly with ministries and other stakeholders to assess needs and identify opportunities for collaboration. Members provide coordinated assistance to advance NDC implementation.

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Learn about our Global Knowledge Sharing work

The Partnership support nations in achieving their climate goals by increasing access to knowledge resources and building a peer community around the experiences of countries implementing their NDCs.

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Read our 2018 Annual Report

Learn about what the Partnership and its members have achieved since its inception in 2016.

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