Knowledge Portal

Knowledge sharing is a core part of the NDC Partnership’s function. The Partnership’s Knowledge and Research Services help countries implement their NDCs by fostering learning between countries and by making information easily accessible. The NDC Partnership’s platforms make it easier for researchers and tool developers to reach their target audiences and for users to identify the resources that work best for them. The goal is to ensure that countries inform their NDC implementation with the most relevant data, funds, tools and case studies.

At the heart of this effort is the Knowledge Portal:

  1. The NDC Funding and Initiatives Navigator provides easy access to information about public finance and other support initiatives.  It includes upcoming grants and technical support to which countries and organizations can apply, as well as funding and initiatives already in place.
  2. The NDC Toolbox Navigator is a carefully-curated, searchable database of tools, guidance, and advisory support to help countries implement their NDCs. The navigator’s more than 300 resources, organized by analytical activities and searchable by various criteria, range from research reports, analytical frameworks, and quantitative analyses to online trainings, idea-sharing platforms, and advisory services. “Experience profiles” enable those navigating the toolbox to learn from other countries’ experience with the tools
  3. A series of Expert Perspective briefings by distinguished invited authors on important topics related to NDC implementation.
  4. Climate Watch, which launched in October 2017, will bring together comprehensive data sets on historical emissions, socio-economic indicators, NDC content, links to SDGs, and emissions scenarios. It will allow users to produce and share visualizations that analyze and compare NDCs, highlight how countries can leverage their climate goals to achieve sustainable development objectives, and map new pathways to a lower carbon, prosperous future.

An additional platforms will launch early 2018.

  1. An expanded database of climate action case studies is currently in development in collaboration with LEDS Global Partnership.


Partner Contributions

Members of the NDC Partnership produce a wide range of valuable resources for NDC implementation, including data tools, analytical reports, and implementation facilities. The examples below are only a few of the countless contributions of our partners, and we celebrate their diverse and generous work. For more resources, please also see the NDC Toolbox Navigator.