The content below draws together country specific information and resources to support NDC implementation for climate and development action.

Pakistan joined the Partnership in December 2016, as one of its earlier members, with Focal Points from the Ministry of Climate Change and the Ministry of Planning, Development and Reform. Pakistan’s NDC states that it will pursue efforts up to 2030 that address the vulnerability of water, agriculture and infrastructure to climate change. The NDC also identifies mitigation measures in the energy and agriculture sectors.

Pakistan’s Roadmap for NDC Implementation has been drafted with support from GIZ on behalf of the NDC Partnership. The Roadmap’s goal is to support the Government of Pakistan and its partners in developing a coherent framework for addressing climate change impacts in the country. The Roadmap lays out the broad strokes of mitigation options for each of the key sectors identified in Pakistan’s NDC. It also identifies the challenges to the implementation of climate action in the country, and highlights interventions at the policy level. The Government of Pakistan will identify its priorities and support needs related to NDC implementation and is expected to forward a specific request for support to the NDC Partnership in 2019.


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