Below is an overview of strategic documents produced by the NDC Partnership. 


Strategic Documents


Work Program: This Work Program sets out the ambitions of the NDC Partnership for the period from 2018 to 2020, strategies for achieving these objectives, and proposed contributions and activities of Members and the NDC Partnership Support Unit.

Country Engagement Strategy: This Country Engagement Strategy provides an overview of the NDC Partnership, including the mission, guiding principles, and logic model that underpin it as well as its structures, roles, and approaches for catalyzing targeted changes. The strategy builds on lessons learned and avoids the potential pitfalls identified from other experiences with partnerships and coordination.

Knowledge & Learning Strategy: This document provides an overview of the strategic goals of the Knowledge & Learning workstream and how this workstream will support the NDC Partnership is reaching its overarching goals.

NDC Partnership Gender Strategy: This strategy outlines how the NDC Partnership mainstreams gender equality considerations throughout the NDC Partnership’s Work Program and its component workstreams of Country Engagement, Knowledge & Learning, and Communications

Partnership in Action 2017: This report provides an overview of the NDC Partnership, including the country engagement process, portfolio of knowledge prodcuts, and key areas of support for NDC implementation in 2017. 

Partnership in Action 2018This publication reports on the Partnership’s progress in 2018, showcasing concrete results, innovative knowledge products, and strategic lessons learned as the Partnership expands on-the-ground work with countries.


Insight Briefs


Understanding the Use of Knowledge Resources in Supporting Climate ActionThis paper offers lessons, drawn from NDC Partnership members, for those involved in the funding and development of knowledge resources on how to make these resources most effective and useful.

NDC Partnership Experience with Multi-Stakeholder Engagement: Key Lessons Learned: This Insight Brief gives an overview of lessons learned by the Support Unit of the NDC Partnership during the multi-stakeholder engagement process.


Communications & Membership Materials


NDC Partnership Brochure, English

NDC Partnership Brochure, Spanish



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