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Finance and Technology Transfer Centre for Climate Change (FINTECC)

The programme helps
companies in participating European Bank for Reconstruction and Development
(EBRD) countries implement ‘climate technologies’. This includes technology for
energy efficiency, renewable energy, water efficiency and materials efficiency.
Climate technologies reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and/or lead to increased
climate resilience. Finance and Technology Centre for Climate Change (FINTECC)
offers incentive grants for introducing eligible technologies, which are
available as a complement to EBRD financing. The program also organizes
technical support, provided by the EBRD and international consultants. To
assist climate technology transfer within each region, FINTECC offers support
to participating governments, by helping them to improve policy environments
and legislative frameworks, further enabling organisations in their regions to
adopt a wide range of climate technologies.

Support provider 
European Union and the Global Environment Facility
Purpose of support 
Project and program implementation
Steps to access  

FINTECC grants are offered to clients are part of the EBRD business development process and subject to the eligibility criteria and the level of advancement of the technology.

Climate objective 
Sectors and themes 
Education, Energy efficiency, Forestry and Land-Use, Industry and Infrastructure, Renewable Energy, Transportation, Urban, Waste management, Oceans and Coastal Resources, Disaster risk reduction, Water
Type of support provider 
Type of recipient 
Private sector
Co-financing required 
Trustee or administrator 
European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD)
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