The content below draws together country specific information and resources to support NDC implementation for climate and development action.

Viet Nam was one of the NDC Partnership’s early members, joining in November 2016, and has been on the Partnership’s Steering Committee since. Focal Points are the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment and the Ministry of Planning and Investment. Viet Nam’s Plan for Implementation of the Paris Agreement (PIPA) forms the basis for whole-of-country action on NDC implementation, and thus for the engagement of the Partnership. The National Climate Change Committee, chaired by the Prime Minister, is in charge of PIPA implementation. All relevant line ministries, government agencies, subnational actors, and stakeholders have dedicated responsibilities under the Plan, which are being carried out with coordinated support from NDC Partnership members. The PIPA provides 68 specific tasks that will ensure the achievement of Viet Nam’s NDC. Supported by GIZ, to keep track of the progress on actions under the PIPA, a comprehensive monitoring framework with progress and outcome indicators has been developed. Line ministries and provinces will report on progress in a process facilitated by Viet Nam’s new Online NDC Portal; a digital solution that will enhance transparency and reporting effectiveness. An extensive mapping of 550 existing climate change support projects by nearly 30 development partners provided insight into PIPA areas that require further support through a gap analysis. The NDC Partnership also facilitated an initial “match-making” between immediate priority needs identified by the Government and support from members of the Partnership. The combination of indicators, support mapping, gap analysis, Online NDC Portal, and initial match-making form Viet Nam’s NDC Partnership Plan.

Moving forward, building on experiences with an existing donor coordination mechanism that runs until 2020, the Support Program to Respond to Climate Change (SP-RCC), Viet Nam’s Focal Point Ministries, together with relevant stakeholders, have decided to initiate an NDC Implementation Platform, for future results-oriented and inclusive dialogues between partners and line ministries on progress towards achieving the NDC targets, critical policy actions, and development partner support to accelerate PIPA implementation. Find more information on the Partnership’s country engagement process in Viet Nam here.


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